Trade Rules

I do not have many rules.  I just collect all Impellitteri & Impellitteri related stuff!
So I trade the audios, videos, images of all Impellitteri stuff including Animetal USA, Rob Rock, Vice. If you have that I don’t have, we can make a trade.
If you’re interested in trade, please go to “Contact Me” page or leave a comment.

  1. If you want to trade, please send me your list first.
  2. I don’t sale. Only trade.
  3. You can choose snail mail trade or online trade (file hosting sites or torrent).
  4. 1 Video = 2 Audios
  5. Audio : The file format is not a problem. Wav, FLAC or MP3 is good, no matter.
    Of course, I prefer lossless sound. Bootleg audio okay if I do not have.
  6. Video : The file format is not a problem. DVD or MPEG or AVI or MP4 is good, no matter.
    Of course, I prefer DVD. Bootleg video okay if I do not have.
  7. Image : If you have an image of Impellitteri, you can trade with me.
    Impellitteri bootleg album arts, magazine article, interview, photo, tour ticket, tour flyer(tour poster), poster etc.

    Simply, scan the image and send scanned image to me.


Impellitteri Bootleg

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